Шолтанова Зарипа Есенбаевна

Head of the College 

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Mangystau region, Aktau, 3Б md., 11 bld. 

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Mangystau Polytechnic College of the Municipal Institution of the State Treasury of the Mangistau Regional Department of Education named after H. Uzbekgaliev

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Medical Center of Mangystau Polytechnic College


Мамедова Салтанат Солтанбековна 

Paramedic of the medical center of Mangystau Polytechnic College

Medical services for employees and students of the college are provided in the medical office on the basis of license No. 00217de dated 19.02.10. 


Medical services, preventive examinations and treatment are provided in a medical center consisting of offices. The Medical Center is equipped with all the necessary medical equipment and a set of medicines for providing first aid. 

The main tasks of the Medical Center are 

  • providing primary medical care to employees and students of the college, as well as carrying out preventive measures. 

In accordance with the goals and objectives, the Medical Center performs: 

  • in case of injury, acute illness , poisoning,providing first aid, sending an ambulance;
  • planning and organization of health-improving and preventive measures;
  • accounting and verification of medical documentation;
  • improving sanitary and hygienic knowledge and promoting a healthy lifestyle;
  • take full responsibility and take an active part in all medical events held in the educational organization, require applicants to submit forms No. 063 (vaccination card) and No. 086/U (medical certificate;
  • promotion of the basics of a healthy lifestyle among the plans, implementation of measures to prevent the use of smoking, alcohol use ,drug addiction and other psychoactive substances that contribute to their increased activity;
  • Implementation of measures to prevent AIDS-HIV, skin-venereal and other infectious and parasitic diseases;
  • annually organize routine medical examinations among employees and students of the college,conduct fluorogrophic examinations, preventive vaccinations; 

The purpose of the work of the Medical Center is to implement strategic tasks related to the preservation and strengthening of students ' health. 

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Шолтанова Зарипа Есенбаевна

Head of the College